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Earth News Channel Headlines

  1. Where is Mr Robot? Was this election fixed?

      When something quacks like a duck, smells like a duck and by God behaves like a duck, then for all intents and purposes its a duck. This American election feels like it was rigged. When Willie Geist of MSNBC described last night the incredible set of abnormal voting pattens that would have to occur...
  2. Frequency Shift – Do You See What I See?

        in the article “Who And What Are the Greys?  We made note of the fact that the Earth’s Frequency is rising. There are a number of our readers who have requested more information on this phenomena and are interested in what other effects will this frequency shift will produce? First of all, lets look...
  3. Who And What Are the Greys?

      Many people under therapeutic conditions have recounted stories of Grey Alien abductions. They have become such a part of our culture that there is even a reference to them in Wikipedia. They have been featured in modern culture in TV programming, films and music. They are most often depicted in programs that relate to cloning...
  4. Earth News Channel Hacked Again!

        We are sorry to inform all our readers world wide that our digital newspaper feed at has been hacked again. This time  it has eliminated our video section. If you go to the archives section and select the 7 April you will find that the Video section still works there. We have...

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