Frequency Shift – Do You See What I See?

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in the article “Who And What Are the Greys?  We made note of the fact that the Earth’s Frequency is rising. There are a number of our readers who have requested more information on this phenomena and are interested in what other effects will this frequency shift will produce?

First of all, lets look at the science of frequency shift. There is scientific evidence that Earth’s frequency is under going a sizeable shift. The vibration of the Earth or “Earth’s Sound”  is know as the Schumann Resonances and this was predicted by Winfred Schumann in 1952. This frequency normally rests at about 7Hz, however many recordings have been made of frequencies at 16.32 Hz. This phenomena is of great concern to various Governments and quasi Government organizations, consequently the true level of shift is a very closely guarded secret. All kinds of figures are publish and falsified. The evidence though for this shift is in what you as an individual are experiencing. There are many videos on youtube that show effects of this frequency shift.

When people take drugs whether they be legal or illegal their ability to “see” past the normal frequency ranges is enhance. This is often discounted by calling it a hallucination. What is a hallucination? As all images are an interpretation of visible light by the brain, hallucinations are the brains attempt to make sense of what it is decoding. In certain instances the brain will decode information in a way that approximated the reality that we experience every day. If what it is decoding is so far from every day reality, it attempts to correct this by producing cartoon like images that the observer is most comfortable with. Failing that, it allows unfiltered exposure to the pure reality observed.

In the future, because of frequency shift, you may encounter you own physical form taking on a new appearance. This is happening now for many who are seeing their ears become more elfin like, especially if they have taken a drug.  These drugs  extends their observable frequency range. They may appear not unlike Spoke from Star Trek, it is a real experience and is the result of them “seeing” their own energy field as they have lived in other states of being.



I have experience this phenomena myself. It is a little unnerving at first. But hey, I think the ears are cute!

Other will experience other forms. The form expressed, will match the highest frequency form, you have ever experienced.

For others there highest frequency form may be reptilian or as we showed in our article last week, they may express as a Grey Hybrid. Frequency shift is revealing and not to be feared. The truth of who you are as a high frequency being is both exhilarating and empowering.


We will provide you with much more information on this topic as the frequencies increase. Enjoy the ride!

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