Who And What Are the Greys?

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Many people under therapeutic conditions have recounted stories of Grey Alien abductions. They have become such a part of our culture that there is even a reference to them in Wikipedia.

They have been featured in modern culture in TV programming, films and music. They are most often depicted in programs that relate to cloning and hybridization.

In the above video from Bastille, hybridized human-greys are featured. These beings are being sighted by more and more people as earth frequencies rise. Although the video depicts hybridization as some form of Zombi effect, as something you get infected with. It is in fact the result of genetic manipulation of human DNA and Grey bio-mechanics. Greys are thought to have a hive mind and are more akin to ants than to humans. The lead singer of Bastille would know what he is and would understands that he is part of a collective mind.

Incidentally, the lead singer Dan Smith, is not a hybrid… he is a very talented singer-songwriter, and was probably completely unaware of the implications of the depiction of Grey hybridization, when he was pitched on on this video.

Last weeks Earth News Channel The Weekend Edition, featured a series of videos on the secret space program.( Please go into the archives on the front page and select last weeks edition to review these videos).

This week we feature a video that explores Grey alien research.  These are subjects that in the main stream media, are at looked upon as “fringe” news subjects. At Earth News Channel we hold no such prejudices. There are many gifted children who have had terrifying encounters with greys and we here at Earth News Channel know of one, her name is Gracie. She asked us to use here real name. She has encountered Grey aliens since she was 2 and she is now almost 9 years old. She and her parents have been pursued by these beings, she says, because “they know that I have power over them and they don’t want others to know that”. Gracie will one day write a book about her encounters with these beings and how to psychically “deal” with them. Until then she wants you all to know that “they are not comfortable right now, because the frequencies of earth are on the rise”. If you or your child are encountering attacks from them, Gracie wants you to know that, “it is because you are special and that very soon you will have your answers on how to deal with them. Please buy the books featured in this video and all will become clear”

Gracie, is one of the bravest kids we know of on the planet…… all we can say is,  to the grey aliens who bother her….. be afraid!… be very afraid! Gracie is very powerful  and she is here to help kids just like her deal with you and your dark agenda.


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