Where is Mr Robot? Was this election fixed?

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When something quacks like a duck, smells like a duck and by God behaves like a duck, then for all intents and purposes its a duck. This American election feels like it was rigged. When Willie Geist of MSNBC described last night the incredible set of abnormal voting pattens that would have to occur for a Trump presidency to happen, then I posit that this was more than a statical error, these were the finger prints of a Mr Robot style hacker who has illegally changed the face of history. There was a point when the results came in, that felt like someone through a switch and an earthquake happened. What are the statisical chances that the events described by Willie Geist described might happen? Well I can tell you, it is close to Zero.


I as a Canadian, reach out to all Americans and say, I am sure  you have been robed of a democratic and free election. I hope our Prime Minister Mr Justin Trudeau, stands by you all, and gives you the trust and support of Canada, while you figure this out and you regain your beloved democracy. You have a friend in Canada, we believe in your amazing capacity to overcome all odds. You are at your core fine and decent, loving people, tenacious and fore-bearing. You will come out of this a stronger nation.

Submitted by Roger Frampton



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