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Roger Frampton

Roger East to West

Roger Frampton is the managing editor of the Earth News Channel.







ENC ThumbnailWhite Bear Media is the producer of the Earth News Channel.  Roger Frampton and Doug Temple created White Bear 1994.  Since that time, the White Bear team has created and produced many productions including 2 television series broadcasted on Discovery Channel Canada and in 21 countries world wide.



White Bear has also produced “live“ television events and numerous corporate and government sponsored projects.  Many of these projects have garnered recognition from the mainstream television industry and awards including the Eve Savory Award for Science Communication from the Science Council of British Columbia.

Roger Frampton is a co-owner of White Bear Media, he is an award-winning producer and director.

He received the Canada 125 medal from the Governor General of Canada, for his broadcast work with children on the Safari Project in collaboration with The Royal B.C. Museum.

Roger was also acknowledged by the Canadian Cable and Television Association (CCTA) and received the Omer Girard Award for Outstanding Innovation in Television as well as the first Eve Savory Award for excellence in Science communication. He has a GCE A level granted by The London School of Economics and a BA with distinction from the University of Victoria, Faculty of Human and Social Behaviour.

White Bear Productions clients, distributors and sponsors have included : Domestic and foreign broadcasters, submarine builders, engineering companies, airport authorities, manufacturers, mining and forestry companies, provincial and federal government agencies, small business owners, research groups and foundations.

White Bear Media past clients and sponsors

  • Apple Canada
  • Atlantis Submarines International
  • B.C. Bearings Corp
  • B.C. Ministry of Education
  • B.C.Research Inc.
  • B.C. Tel
  • Carnival Cruise-lines
  • CBC -Radio-Canada
  • CTV global media Inc
  • Eastern Ontario Model Forest
  • Discovery Channel
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Industry Canada
  • King Motion Pictures
  • Mining Association of British Columbia
  • National Research Council of Canada
  • Province of British Columbia
  • Raincoast Conservation Foundation
  • Roger’s Cable
  • Shaw Cable
  • The Knowledge Network
  • TVA
  • Vancouver Airport Authority

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